The Big Book Of Breeds(known as BBB in horse isle) is a big book found in the library, it contains all sorts of information.


The Big Book Of Breeds is found in any library, they, unlike other books are found on top of a stand that has "BBB" on it.


Clicking it will give you one option. It is READ.

Once you clicked READ, it'll send you to the list of breeds screen, there you can click on a species you want to learn about.


The Big Book Of Breeds doesn't only contain information about the species of the horses, it also contains the following:

  • List of adwards you can earn in Horse Isle.
  • List of all the ranch buildings in Horse Isle.
  • List of all the tools in Horse Isle.
  • List of all the crafts in Horse Isle.
  • List of all the club bonuses.
  • List of all the companions (pets).
  • List of all the tack.


Once you click a horse breed, you can learn different stuff about it. There will be a list of colors with a percentage on it. The percentage probably means that the chance of occuring one in the wild. If you click a color, it'll show you what the horse looks like on the profile page, you can also check what it's avatar looks like. This can be useful before adopting or buying a horse.