Experience points, "exp", are gained in multiple ways. You can gain it by catching a wild horse, failing at catching a wild horse, crafting and competitions. Horses are also able to get experience.

Experience & BarebackEdit

When a player has reached at least 5,000 experience points and the horse has at least 1,000, you are able to ride bareback. Simply take off the horse's tack and click MOUNT.

Details way to win Exp (character)Edit

Just walk around with your horse. From time to time, you will gain experience points, mainly for inexperienced horses.

Do competition, even the listed one when there is no one in the arena (only can be the only competitor).

Catch wild horse (+5 exp).

Get rid of garbage, from time to time, junk give exp.

Crafting can give, from time to time, exp. Not a realiable way to win experience points.