Leasing is a game mechanic in Horse Isle.

What happensEdit

Subscribers may lease horses from other subscribers by using the trade system. Horses cannot be leased from the livery stables.
Free players may also Lease horses from Subscribers, but without the option of trading anything in return. So the only case where this may be to the subscribers advantage is if you were going to train the horse for the subscriber, or otherwise better it in exchange for its use.

Leases are available in various time limits:
15 minutes
30 minutes
1 hour
2 hours
4 hours
6 hours
12 hours
24 hours (1 day)
48 hours (2 days)
1 week (7 days)
2 weeks (14 days)
4 weeks (28 days)
6 weeks (42 days)
A lease can only improve a horse, not degrade in any important way. A lease may heal a horse who becomes injured, have it shod, train it, feed it, ride it and compete with it.
A player may not sell the leased horse, trade it, or surrender it to the humane society, or modify its tack or companions in any way.
Upon lease term expiring, the horse is automatically returned to its owner by the game. The lease does not need to find the player it leased it from in order to return the horse.